Mizuno Ami / Amy Anderson
[More Than You Ever Wanted To Know]

Name Mizuno Ami (Japan)/ Amy Anderson (N.America)
Meaning Beautiful Ami of Water
Birthday September 10
Sign of the Zodiac Virgo
Sign of Mercury The sign for the female, with a heart rather than a circle and two small extrusions at the top... see here.
Interests Reading, Playing chess, Kicking Bad-guy Butt, Swimming, Hanging around with her Senshi friends
School Juuban Junior High School (Japan)/ Crossroads Junior High School (N. America)
Mother Doctor
Father Artist (possibly a transient one)
Blood Type A
Favorite Sport Swimming [see here], (she is also the only other senshi besides Makoto who can ice skate)
Favorite Color light or marine blue
Favorite Food sandwiches and anmitsu (whatever that is)
Favorite Gemstone Sapphire
Favorite Animal kitty cat
Favorite Subject Mathematics
Favorite Person Urawa Ryo (Japan)/ Greg (N.America) [see Ryo]
Favorite Memory Baking cookies with her mother when she was young
Favorite Artist Nishio Toshiyuki (episode 151)
Plans for the Future To become a doctor like her mother and to continue overcoming evil with her shabon attacks
Voice Actress(es) Hiskawa Aya (Japan)/ Karen Bernstein (N.America)
Special Talents Computers, Deduction, Logic, Compassion
Dislikes Youma (monsters), Expression of feeling, mean people, when her friends fight, hurting people, being embarassed, yellow-tailed tuna
Japanese Attacks Mercury Shabon Spray, Shabon Spray Freezing, Shine Aqua Illusion, Aqua Rhapsody
American Attacks Mercury Bubbles Blast, Ice Bubbles Freeze, Ice Storm Blast
Bubbles Blast/ Shabon Spray A multi-useful attack which creates a mist which blinds opponents and at times causes freezing
Ice Bubbles Blast/ Shabon Spray Freezing Freezes the enemy
Ice Storm Blast/ Shine Aqua Illusion A much more powerful freeze attack
Aqua Rhapsody Mercury's biggest and baddest attack -- freezes enemies solid
Sweetness Rating* 100.00%
Butt Kicking Rating* 60.00% [10% just for kicking Prince Endymion's butt in episode 41]
Charisma Rating* 80.00%
Cuteness Rating* 90.00%

* : All ratings are based on a percentage scale with the base as my ideal girl and in comparison with the other Senshi.