Leah the Indecisive Teen

leah looking fairly normal -- for leah

Leah, sweet Leah... Leah Rachel is the love of my life. She is sweet, charming, beautiful, romantic, caring, compassionate, benevolent, selfless, intelligent, and nearly as nutty as me. I love her with all my heart. She enjoys music (her favorites are Billy Joel and the Barenaked Ladies), Disney movies (she owns all of them), webpage design (see her photo album here), internet chatting (ironically, how we met), art & drawing, fashion (not necessarily IN fashion), and her friends (Vanessa, Krystal, Jon, Danielle, Annie, Becks, and Gray). She dislikes school, ska *grrr*, and Duane. She currently lives in Bob Dylan's hometown -- Duluth, Minnesota -- and attends high school.

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Read a poem that I wrote about the first time I heard Leah sing.