Magic: The Gathering

I've played Magic for something along the lines of 4 years now. I won a few tournaments back just before the appearance of Tempest and the Rath Cycle and I still enjoy a good duel with my friends now and again, but I also remember what it was like starting out in Magic: knowing only of a handfull of cards, dreaming of the 4-of-a-kind and super-combo decks that your friends all played and smashed you with, not having the budget to be able to assemble even ONE of those dream decks, but always sure that if you could get your hands on one you'd be unbeatable. Well, under the assumption that I'm not the only one that ever felt that way, I'm making this Magic page for you -- the underdog.

My original idea was to feature a page of nifty deck ideas for the casual and group player, but I remembered all the times I'd look up deck ideas only to realize that I'd have to shell out something in the area of $50 just to get the RARE cards I needed to make the one deck, so I've decided to attempt a great service to all of you casual players out there (you know, the non-tourney folk that only buy a pack a week instead of pre-ordering 6 boxes of Prophecy or Invasion or whatever the new release is): my Magic playing friends and I have assembled a list of decks composed entirely of common and uncommon cards (and as an added bonus, the uncommon cards are kept to a minimum). Now, the idea of these decks are not to chastise you or to suppose that you couldn't build an even better deck substituting some rares or some more uncommons here-and-there (in fact, we encourage you to constantly improve the deck), but they ARE designed to give your combo-playing friends a run for their money. Either way, the entire deck (bought at $.10 per common and $.25 per uncommon) should NEVER cost you more than $10 to assemble by going through the "big box o' cards" at your local shop or even for FREE by trading one of your super-deck buddies a rare he wants a 7th copy of for all the cards you need. So, without further ado -- the decks...

Magic Decks for the Common Man

Got deck ideas?! Send them in with your name and we'll feature you on the site. Don't forget to include the Set and rarity of the card along with your deck list. Send all submissions to Xellos at