What People Think of Me

Sam's Thoughts:

"Jon is the one person that has ALWAYS been there for me, and even though I've been a dick to him he is still there and he will ALWAYS be my friend and brother."

Rich's Thoughts:

well, i believe it was the summer of '67, yeah that's it, '67,and we were all going to a really happening concert.(we were all too stoned to remember who was playing) and we see this hitch hiker on the side of the road. he was a funny looking fellow with a big ole' goatee and some baggyclothes, but we picked him up anyways.....oh wait, that's not how it happened, we weren't alive then, i've ne'er been stoned, and we ne'er picked up no damn hitchhikers. and now for the truth about jon-pa and other fiction...
jon-pa definately ranks up there with the coolest people i know. he's sort of an ethereal mix between a hipster/ revolutionist/ poet/ philosopher/ punk/ rudy dude/ everything except an athlete. shit, if he was an athlete i'ld say he was the prime example of the rennaissance man in the 90's. i owe a lot to him, more than he realizes, i ne'er did half the thinking i did until he showed up in this rinky-dink two-bit town known as hahnville. he's alot like pot and hash. how you ask? he's a mind opening drug. plain and simple. all the non-conformist should be just like him...haha. i'm proud to call him a friend. he kicks ass! *screaming* woooooo! oh sorry, momentary loss of composure. but yeah, "that's my opinion, i could be wrong." peace, love, and happiness to all"