Rich the Antisocial Socialite

rich -- just another guy who could beat me up

Rich is my best bud in Louisiana. He's the most interesting "jock" I've ever met, in that he hangs out with the kids who tend to shy away from sports and that he actually makes decent grades! [He is a legend among coaches state-wide as "The Football Player who makes Bs!"] He's taken fervent interests in philosophy, literature, and punk rock since I've known him. His more classic interests include 60s rock (his favorite by far is Led Zeppelin -- he claims they are "in his blood"), sports, role-playing, and living life to the fullest. Rich is another of the hopeless romantics of my misfit group of friends. Underneath his rough exterior is the heart of a poet. I have a lot of faith in Rich. He's going to do something great for mankind -- don't ask me how, but I know. Rich is currently attending Louisiana State University to study Education (I believe that's correct) and has also secured a place on the LSU football team.

Rich says: "um...hmmm...yeah. ok. ppbbtt! (rasberries) "life is dish of happiness with a side order of loss and a large fries." ---me! let it be written that i, rich cooper, do hereby declare jon-pa's forehead in the name ofthe moon. yes that's right, the moon. we have started our own sapce program and are going to leave footprints and little cars and flags all over your planet, and we will start with jon-pa's forehead! *fanfare and celebration* but in all seriousness, i'm digging this man, i'm gonna be a star. ok. *talking to self* shut-up! you've said enough and you're just making a foolout of yourself .... ok."

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