The Temple of Mizuno Ami

Sailor Mercury The Temple of Mizuno Ami is the attempt of a small cult of devotees (okay, so it's just one) to enshrine the memory of the Princess of the planet Mercury within the hearts of humanity for all time. Ami (Sailor Mercury) is a charming young character from the anime series Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. She is the brightest and most dedicated of the Senshi. She draws her powers from water and from the strength of her own mind. She is the only senshi with short hair and she often dresses more modestly than Usagi and her Senshi sisters. Ami fears expressing deep emotions, but she certainly harbors a great deal of compassion for her friends and loved-ones. Her mind is sharp, but her love is sharper and she will fight to the death to protect what is most important to her: love, friendship, and goodness. Ami was the second of the Sailor Senshi to be rediscovered on Earth and is currently aiding the other Senshi in their attempts to reestablish the Moon Kingdom and bring peace and prosperity to the galaxy once again. Ami is the senshi of the deep waters of compassion and determination, thus out of respect and thankfulness we pay hommage to her here.

Mizuno Ami
Mizuno Ami Enshrinements
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