Sambo the Misanthrope

sambo awakened from dreamland

Sam (Samuel Thomas) is my best friend from Texas. He and I were like brothers for the 3 and 1/2 years I spent in Orange, Texas. Sam is an extremely intelligent young man and also a very proud individual. He enjoys drama, literature, writing (plays and poetry -- as far as I am informed), music, computer games, hanging out with friends, philosophy, drinking (from time to time -- I am unsure of present status), and plays guitar. Here is Sam's most recent girlfriend Kerry. Sam is currently attending Austin College in Sherman, Texas to study english and history (he would like to state that this is NOT the same as the University of Texas in Austin, but rather a small and well-respected school which fits his personal tastes much better).

Sam says: "So lets strip down, and trip out on evening's love starts with a kiss." ~Dave Matthews Band "Say Goodbye"

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